(Some days before 01/10/2017)

The spark that started this umpteenth Catalan separatist fire:

The Catalan capitalists and their politicians want more concessions from the central state, at least the conditions of Navarre and Basque Country about handling the money from taxes; thus in order to make the Spanish Government give up they wield the independence in a game of bluff, which as yet would not have worked in spite of the massive demonstrations.

One factor that might have some influence:

Narcissism, collective but also felt individually by some. Whose goal would be to gain importance, to be in the focus of interest, to demonstrate you are special, better than, at least, most of the rest of Spain. Many things in life have an effect or another depending on the dose. Nearly everything can become a poison, even water, if you drink the necessary amount you will die. Narcissism in some cases can become a pathology too.

*     *     *

As that collective narcissist cannot get the importance they would like, the recognition they would like, etc., because the central state doesn’t give up, that collective narcissist begins to contemplate seriously the possibility of an independent Catalonia being a tax haven, as Switzerland, London, Ireland, Luxembourg, etc., which is a potent lure for at least part of the separatists. The revenues of such a possibility would more than make up for the loss of favour for Catalan products in the Spanish market, if secession succeeded, so the separatists think.

In that regard, what had begun as a bluff would have led to a change of plan to see whether, out of a strike of luck and taking advantage of the lack of sovereignty all the countries have suffered in the formation of the EU, they could get complete independence from Spain, because they have a lot already, and become a nation to appear in the maps.

Clear hypocrisy can be seen in the separatist leaders who say they want to become an independent nation and stay in the EU, where all are dominated by the axis Germany-France. The smaller you are the more dominated you are and more Germany-France dominates you; ask Greece and Portugal. So, those separatist are very unhappy being dominated by Spain; but would be happy being dominated by Germany, more than they already are being inside Spain. By the way, curious domination that of Spain or Castile over Catalonia that has allowed Catalonia be the most industrialised and rich part of Spain, while the oppressor remained deindustrialised and poorer. Catalonia took advantage of the protected Spanish market to sell its products not facing competition from abroad, for example during Franco’s dictatorship, though not only; a much bigger market than it would have had available being an independent country, as for example Portugal. Not to mention the access to Latin America through Spain, the hated oppressor.

¿How is it possible that the separatist movement have so many followers and so adamant?

Firstly and most important, because for the last decades the education at schools has been in the hands of those narcissists that have planted the seed of hostility and even hate to Spain and Spanish language in the minds of children and youths. Everybody knows how important to control the education of the youngest is; ask Catholic church and their orders, Jesuits, etc.

The result of that is that now the separatist movement looks more like a fundamentalist religion than a political movement surged due to material necessity and material conditions of oppression. The proof to that fundamentalism is that the followers don’t question the moral of their leaders and don’t even suspect they could be being used by those leaders, as those leaders don’t believe in the ideology and principles they say they have, for example the “right to vote”, “the right of a people to decide what they want to be”, etc., as journalist Jordi Évole proved in the interview to Puigdemont, taking out the fact that Puigdemont himself, the most genuine independentist compared to other leaders of his party who never had been independentist, had voted in the Catalan Parliament against a declaration of support to a referendum for the Kurds and also against a referendum for the Sahrawi people; his party also sent the Mossos (Catalan police) to remove ballot boxes put by citizens at a Catalan locality asking about a social matter, etc.

The crowds of fundamentalists don’t care either about incongruencies which render immoral their thinking, such as the fact that what they want for the Catalan people they deny it for the Spanish people, as in the new Catalan Constitution the sovereignty of the new Catalan nation would be in the whole people of Catalonia or its Parliament, so that if a locality or province in Catalonia wants to make a referendum to separate from Catalonia cannot do it and that decision belongs to the whole of Catalonia.

A youth, being asked by a TV reporter in one of those massive rallies Catalan ultranationalists organise, answered they want independence because Catalonia is “very, very, very different from the rest of Spain”. As if the rest of Spain were all the same, or, as if there weren’t very different places inside Catalonia; for example an agrarian town where Muslims or their descendants could become majority is not very equal to a coastal town full of tourists.

Sorry for using the word narcissist, instead of chauvinist, which sounds more political and less personal, but I think it is justified for the following. It seems to me that the Catalan nationalists can never be satisfied no matter how much independence they achieve, as long as the others get the same. When the autonomous regions in Spain were created, Catalonia got its autonomous government, with a great deal of independence. The problem is that the other 16 got the same. Catalonia has its own police, its own language, its own TV channels, etc. Why cannot Catalonia live with that? What is it that is so unbearable to the separatists? The fact that others also have it or the fact that that is not enough to become a tax haven? The first option would be a much clearer case of narcissism than the second one, though it could be a mix of both. It seems to me that if Catalonia were another country in the map, and the other 16 autonomous regions became independent as well, as to appear as well in the map as new nations, Catalan nationalists would not be happy either. If this is so, then we are in front of a serious case of narcissism. They look like the chosen people; Jews are wrong it’s not them. Probably I’m mistaken, but, sometimes it seems to me that being the most handsome, cleverest, and richest (this last for sure), what they cannot bear is that those inferior Spaniards have a language much more recognised and spoken in the world than theirs. May goodness forgive me for thinking so bad, but if this is so it is a serious case of narcissism.


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